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Community Concern Ministries Uganda

Making the Invisible God Visible

      In 1995, Community Concern Ministries was founded by Pastor Timothy Kakooza, along with the loving support of his wife, Janepher Kakooza. This ministry began in their home and grew rapidly, as they took in more and more abandoned and orphaned children from the streets of Uganda – many of which were victims of the AIDS epidemic that was running rampant at the time and continues to be an uphill battle for Ugandans.

      Located in Katosi, a town in the Mukono district of Uganda on the northern shore of Lake Victoria, this ministry has grown and flourished into a school and orphanage that educates, houses, and feeds children and adults in need. Its mission: Making the Invisible God Visible, and it accomplishes this every day in the lives it touches through the gospel, health care, formal and informal education, providing for those in need, and building a strong, blessed community of Ugandans in Katosi.

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