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  • Vocational School

    • computers and technology for students​

  • Arable land/ farm land (60 acres as $950 US dollars per acre)​

    • Agricultural tools - specifically, a tractor

  • Wells and purification systems

  • More building space for the room and board of orphaned children

    • beds & mattresses ($80 US dollars each)​

  • Sponsorship of 28 school teachers ($140 per teacher/month)

  • Sponsorship of 456 children ($40 US dollars per month)

  • Sponsorship of 19 babies ($50 US dollars per month)

  • Continued construction of the Marisara Babies Home ($100,000 US dollars)

  • Prayers and support


Also on Pastor Timothy Kakooza's heart is the idea of training Winner's children to use technology in school. To do this, he is asking for support and donations to build a computer lab on the property of Winner's Home.

Materials he will need includes:

  • 12-16 lap tops

  • USB drives

  • Projector

  • Typing Program (Free)

  • Mice

  • Mouse Pads

  • Head Phones

  • Speakers

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